Welcome to SuperBullsNFT

Unique digital collections cross-blockchain

1,000 unique NFTs first collection with proof of ownership will be launched on the XinFin XDC blockchain.

Our Roadmap

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We want to provide our NFT holders with a unique, collection experience.
Michael & Lewis

The SuperBullsNFT Collections

We will be releasing unique collections at set intervals cross-blockchains. We don't believe our NFTs should be exclusive to a single network but we want to share our collection experience to broader audience.

First Collection

The first full collection will be launched on the XinFin XDC network and will contain 1,000 unique NFTs only.

Single Editions

Our single edition NFTs will be unique and are launched exclusively. These will be by invitation only and will be single editions.


We will be launching our collaborations NFT in 2022 and linking up with some amazing brands. We can't say much more on this.... yet :)