Golden Bull NFT Auction

We are opening up an auction for our very first 'Golden Bull' NFT on the XinFin network.


Until the auction ends (24th Dec 23:59:59 UST)

How do I enter?

  1. Deposit 10 XDC (0.1 USD) to the auction wallet (below)
  2. Enter your bid details including the deposit address used
  3. The highest bidder at the auction end will win the chance to buy the Golden Bull

Auction wallet:


You can check wallet transfers here.

What does the highest bid win?

The winning bid shall win the rights to purchase the first ever SuperBullsNFT. Not only will you be winning our first NFT but you will also receive the below:

  • Golden Bull NFT - #1
  • Tag Heuer F1 Watch - CAZ2011.FT8024 ( valued at $3,600)
  • Formula 1 Red Bull Racing Max Verstappen signed Tag Heuer watch box
  • 10" electronic picture frame with the Golden Bull NFT

This is not your typical auction, this is our first limited edition NFT launch.
Please read the terms of the auction before you bid.

First SuperBullsNFT
Our first XDC XinFin SuperBullsNFT 'Golden Bull'


Place a bid

If you would like to enter this unique auction please click the below.

All verified bids once checked will be displayed below.

Current Bids

The highest bidder at the time of the close will receive the opportunity to purchase the first XinFin NFT.

Terms of auction

  1. The highest confirmed bid amount at the end of the auction will have the opportunity to buy the 'Golden Bull NFT at the bid price entered.
  2. The 10 XDC sent is the entry of the auction only, you will not win the NFT for 10 XDC.
  3. Multiple entries can be submitted.
  4. The SuperBullsNFT retain the rights to cancel or change the auction date if required.
  5. Deposits and bids will be verified and checked before being accepted to ensure only valid/genuine bid amounts are placed. Bids with non-genuine amounts will not be counted and XDC for the entry will not be returned.
  6. The bidder will submit their email address so we can notify them of the winning bid. Invalid email addresses will assume the bid is not genuine and void.
  7. Bids placed after the auction has been ended will not be included and the XDC for the entry will not be returned. Auction ends 25th December 2021 00:00
  8. The 10 XDC to place a bid is non-refundable. The 10 XDC entry is not taken from the total winning bid.
  9. The Golden Bull NFT will be minted after the auction ends. The winner will receive exclusive access to the SuperBullsNFT Marketplace where they can purchase the NFT.
  10. The Tag Heuer watch in the case and the 10" electronic digital photo frame will be delivered to an address of choice by the winning bidder.
  11. The winning bidder will provide shipping details via the provided email.
  12. The tag Heuer watch and 10" electronic digital photo frame will be shipped using tracked and insured delivery only due to value.