Terms of service

SuperBullsNFT is a NFT project where customers can purchase a unique SuperBullsNFT. The SuperBullsNFT NFT is a unique token and associated unique digital image only. The project was created by the team at BlocksWorkz LTD.

SuperBullsNFT may at any time remove an NFT from the collection if it is decided to violate rules of good taste and common decency. The purchaser of the NFT from SuperBullsNFT is purchasing the NFT token only and they become the owner and are responsible for the use of the NFT.

SuperBullsNFT is limited to a range of 1000 NFTs only. BLKZ tokens will be distributed to the NFT holders in the form of an airdrop, this is only available when the BLKZ token has been minted and is only applicable to the wallet of the original purchase of the NFT.

Any and all rewards which are sold as part of the NFT purchase must be claimed within 6 months of the first NFT mint, 24th December 2021 so the last rewards claim date is 24th June 2022. Any requests for rewards after this date are at the discretion of the team.

Purchasing an SuperBullsNFT will be done at the risk of the purchaser, BlocksWorkz LTD take no responsibility of the sale of the transaction, transfer of the token to another wallet or smart contract and the onward use of the NFT or the associated imagery.

** Update 25/08/2022 - BlocksWorkz has now transitioned to a DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation) where the community own and manage the direction of the products.